Maigodiya Center for Youth Development (MCYD)

Maigodiya Center for Youth Development (MCYD)



Target Location

Taraba, Adamawa,


The project will contribute to the reduction of maternal and child mortality in Taraba and Adamawa States through increased budgetary allocation to health

A health-focused Non-Governmental Organization with over 10 years of strategically engaging policy makers through evidence-based advocacy to influence decision for health sector reforms

Advocacy Asks

  • Increased health budget allocation from 7.8% to 15% in Taraba state
  • Increased health budget allocation from 8.9% to 15% in Adamawa state
  • Creation of budget line for essential lifesaving commodities in Taraba State health budget

Cluster Members

1. Maigodiya Center for Youth Development (MCYD) – Anchor
2. Alheria Women and Child Care Development, Taraba
3. Centre for Women and Adolescents Empowerment, Adamawa
4. Initiative for Community and Human Development, Taraba
5. Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Adamawa State Chapter
6. Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Taraba State Chapter
7. Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Adamawa State Chapter, Adamawa
8. Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Taraba State Chapter
9. Tansana Health and Community Integrated Development Initiative, Taraba
10. Women and Children Health Empowerment Foundation, Taraba

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